Below you’ll find our recommendations for travel to Skidaway Island!

Bug spray! Yup, you’ll need it. Depending on the time of day and temperature, gnats want to be your welcoming committee. We recommend “No Natz” that you can find at most hardware stores or grocery stores. Normal bug spray will help keep the mosquitos away, but it doesn’t work well for gnats.

Stay hydrated. With plenty of outdoor activities and spending most of your time walking, make sure you drink plenty of water. Skidaway Island can be pretty humid during the summer months.

Camping at Skidaway Island State Park. First, if you need propane for your camper or RV, you can pick up propane at Kroger (before you get on the island) or Publix (after you get on the island). Both of these stores offer propane at a fair market price. Don’t buy propane at the gas station on Skidaway Island unless you want to pay as much as 50% more. Additionally, if you need to refill your tank, you can visit the ACE Hardware on Mall Boulevard or Maycrest Hardware on Montgomery Cross Roads before you get on the island. Turning in and out of Skidaway Island State Park from Diamond Causeway onto Skidaway Island Park Road is easy. With a light at this intersection and a turning lane, you should find yourself in a comfortable position when manoeuvering your RV with a car in tow.

Biking on Skidaway (McWhorter Road and Green Island Road). If you come out to Skidaway Island to bike, you need to know there isn’t a bike lane on the two main roads (McWhorter and Green Island Road) on Skidaway Island. While there’s a sign that says, “Share the Road” you’ll find these roads busy at most times of the day and congested most of the time between the two entrances to The Landings on McWhorter and all the way down Green Island Road.

Groceries. Publix is located on the island. Take a left onto Lake Street at the second light (The Village) coming onto the island, and then take a right on W Ridge Road. Here you’ll find an excellent selection of groceries with fresh produce. One of the nicest groceries stores in Savannah! Did you know kids may enjoy one free piece of fruit from their bin in the produce section?


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