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Skidaway Island is known for being one of the best family islands on the coast of Georgia. The lifestyle is unmatched, offering amenities to satisfy all who love island living. From waterfront properties to homes on the greens, you’ll find the perfect home with the perfect view for you and your family. Discover the best Skidaway Island Real Estate!

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Explore available properties on Skidaway Island, Modena, South Harbor, and The Landings. Stewart Marshall is your Skidaway Island real estate expert.


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Below is a list of recent homes for sale on Skidaway.

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Don't delay! Discover all that Skidaway Island has to offer. First-class clubs, six championship golf courses, 42 tennis courts, pickleball, bocce, croquet, indoor and outdoor pools, two deep-water marinas, and miles of walking trails.

Skidaway Island, Georgia is a beautiful coastal community located just a short drive from the bustling city of Savannah. This island offers a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, and a relaxed, coastal lifestyle. Real estate on Skidaway Island is highly sought after, and it's easy to see why. From stunning waterfront properties to charming Lowcountry homes and sprawling estates, there's a property to suit every taste and budget.

Factors affecting the market value of a home

1) Location, Location, Location!

One main factor that determines a home’s value is its location. So much so, we say it three times! Homes that are near cities tend to be worth more than ones in rural areas. Your house will also be seen as more desirable if it’s close to a beautiful view, shops, restaurants, good schools, or a major highway. Skidaway Island offers one of the most beautiful backdrops in coastal Georgia and is considered one the safest places to live in Georgia.

2) Home Features and Conditions

The home itself will also impact market value. Bigger homes with more bedrooms, bathrooms, and usable living spaces command higher prices.

The age and condition of the home are important too. New homes generally appraise and sell for more than older homes because they’re in better condition and require fewer repairs. But if an older house has recently been renovated, it may sell for just as much as a newer home.

Improvements like new kitchens and finished basements can also increase the market value of a home. But if the upgrades are too luxurious for the area or aren’t in line with what local buyers want, then you may not see a return on your investment.

3) Supply and Demand

The local real estate market has an impact on home prices as well. If there’s a high demand for homes in your area and not enough supply, your home’s value may go up, and vice versa. What similar houses in your area are currently selling for is a good indicator of how much your home is worth.

Residential Real Estate 

Residential real estate may contain either a single-family or multifamily structure that is available for occupation or for non-business purposes.

Residences can be classified by and how they are connected to neighboring residences and land. Different types of housing tenure can be used for the same physical type. For example, connected residences might be owned by a single entity and leased out, or owned separately with an agreement covering the relationship between units and common areas and concerns.

Investment Properties

In markets where land and building prices are rising, real estate is often purchased as an investment, whether or not the owner intends to use the property. Often investment properties are rented out, but "flipping" involves quickly reselling a property, sometimes taking advantage of arbitrage or quickly rising value, and sometimes after repairs are made that substantially raise the value of the property.

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