Help stop the Development. Make the June 4th, Meeting at 1:30 at the MPC.

South Harbor located Skidaway Island.

South Harbor on Skidaway Island

South Harbor on Skidaway Island

NEXT STEPS: We did it once, now we have to do it again. Please, please, please make the June 4th, 2019 MPC Meeting at 1:30. Talking heads that were part of the process for the May 14th meeting at the MPC made it clear that the number of people at the May 14th meeting made a significant impact on their decision. Even though this forum is not intended to address all of our concerns, it's our only forum to stop this unneeded third living facility on our island. If we didn't show up on May 14th, I was told they were going to approve the development. You made a huge difference!

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On the south end of Skidaway Island you'll find South Harbor. A small gated community. South Harbor has its own pool, marina (no gas), and boat yard. 

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