Thank you to Don Dyches

The 3,000 plus residents of Skidaway Island who were opposed to the development (they signed the petition) want to say Thank You to Don Dyches. He was instrumental in defeating the proposed project and is an outstanding real estate lawyer. You can visit his site here: Real Estate Lawyer 

They Paved Paradise (Skidaway) and Put Up A Parking Lot

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Green Island Road Project Skidaway Island Savannah GA

Green Island Road Project | Once Upon A Time

What's At Risk | Green Island Road Development

After consulting with Landings residents (attorneys) who have  been through this process before and seen as they said "the ugly side of small town politics at play", we have been asked to challenge all residents of Skidaway Island to read all of the documents for yourself (don't pay attention the a small town most media is biased to one-side or the other) pertaining to the Green Island Road Project.  "It's easy to be the big fish in a small pond." You can find all the documents at 

July 22nd, 2109 NEXT STEPS 

The petitioner can appeal the current MPC decision to the Chatham County Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) - the MPC’s decision was to unanimously deny the general development plan based on it not being zoned properly for the senior citizen congregate care project he proposes. If the Chatham County Zoning Board of Appeals agrees with the MPC’s decision then he would have to take it to Superior Court; this would have to be done before he could even try to rezone it. 


He could submit his appeal as early as this coming week, meaning it will come before the Zoning Board of Appeals at the next meeting, which is August 27th. We will have legal representation at the meeting as we have in the past. There will need to be a large presence at that meeting too. 

Please make the August 27th, 2019 meeting at the Zoning Board of Appeals. 

If you want to stop this development (decrease traffic, reduce the number of work vehicles coming onto the island, decrease the number of accidents coming onto the island, protect our water which is at risk now, protect wildlife (Eagles either nest or hunt the proposed proposed to be developed), and protect the quality of life on the island) please make the August 27th meeting. Make no mistake, this is a political arena and without Skidaway Island residents present, they can pass this proposed development. It's of the greatest importance that all of us make it. All of us.  

>>>As one of our local leaders in the healthcare industry (35 years plus) clearly stated, “This is suspicious. How could a “for-profit” assisted living facility be tagged "luxury"? It’s the furthest thing from the truth. I urge all residents of Skidaway Island to do their homework. If you wanted an assisted living facility in your backyard, you would want a “not-for-profit” assisted living facility.” Only the island is luxury...not the facility. They are using what the residents of Skidaway Island made luxury. Without the investment the local homeowners have put in place for decades, they couldn't market this property as luxury. Read case studies by  USNEWS and UMH and see why we would want a non-profit versus for-profit assisted living facility.  

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Quality of Life. That's why people moved to Skidaway Island. Quality of life. You hear real estate agents talk about it, residents, visitors, and surrounding communities in Savannah. In the early 2000s all you would hear over and over again is how quiet and peaceful it is on Skidaway Island. With little to no traffic, the morning commute off the island is the best in Savannah! 

I remember coming on and off the island in 2000 and you would be hard pressed to see more than a couple of cars in the early morning, after the rush hour morning commute, and during the day while you were on the causeway.  But all of this has changed and quite a bit over the last 20 years. Why? The slippery slope of commercial development and rise in two-income families/young families moving onto the island. Why did the two-income families move here??? You guessed it, Quality of life. Hard working people deserve a place to enjoy at the end of their day no matter where they live. One of the best parts of the day is coming home over the causeway to this beautiful island. It's a great place to raise a family. It's safe and that's why I moved my family out here. Why? Quality of life. But what's happening to our quality of life on the island? It's tanking. Why? The slippery slope of development. We already have two assisted living facilities and now we are looking down the barrel of a gun at a third facility and possible fourth on McWhorter.  

First, we had The Marshes, now the new development in the village and soon a possible 216 unit on Green Island Road. What will the traffic be like during construction? What will the traffic be like after it's built? Will crime go up on Green Island road due to the construction? Will the causeway have more traffic during and after the development? Yes, is the answer to all of them. We would be kidding ourselves if we thought anything less.  Here's an awful thought...McWhorter Drive could be the next development of assisted living units and this development would be twice the size at a minimum of the one proposed now on Green Island Road. The land is already cleared. What are we doing people? We're destroying the quality of life on Skidaway Island. That's what we are doing. 

I'm not opposed to job creation, development, turning a profit, helping the elderly...not at all. I'm opposed to development when it reaches a point that the quality of life is reduced. When the main reason we moved out to Skidaway is being destroyed. How stressed are you in the morning after you get passed the gate headed towards the causeway? How stressed are you coming home when the traffic is backed up from the entrance of The Landings? Only you can answer that, but I can't tell you it's going to get worse with the proposed Green Island Road Project. A lot worse.

Understand the following. The zoning for this piece of property is different than all others (interesting that it's zoned differently than all other property) and if they get approval to move forward, they can open retail stores one day.  The reason people moved out here is to not to deal with traffic and not to deal with commercial real estate. The other assisted living facilities didn’t impact the 4 way stop (they never passed the traffic light during their construction phases...never). Not even close.  Understand this will hurt all on Skidaway. Green Island Road and Skidaway Island will never be the same. This is completely different than the development in the village where we have a gas station and grocery store.  

You can call and speak with (or leave a message for) Marcus Lotson (very nice gentleman). 912-651-1497 with all of your concerns about the Green Island Road Project / Development. Save Our Skidaway and Save Green Island Road from this development!

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Contact Marcus Lotson at the MPC at 912-651-1497.