2023 Savannah Wiener Dog Races

Savannah Wiener Dog Races 2023

EVENT: 2023 Savannah Wiener Dog Races
WHERE: Plant Riverside District – Martin Luther King, Jr. Park
400 West River Street Savannah, GA 31401
WHEN: Saturday, October 7 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
COST: $25 entry fee per dog

REGISTRATION LINK: https://savannahswaterfront.com/event/savannah-wiener-dog-races/

DESCRIPTION: Is your dachshund the fastest dog in the 912? Find out at the 2023 Savannah Wiener Dog Races at Plant Riverside District!

Plant Riverside District will host the 2023 Savannah Wiener Dog Races, which will be organized by Savannah’s Waterfront. Registration and check-in will begin at 9 a.m. and the races will start at 11 a.m. in Martin Luther King, Jr. Park. Race heats are open to Dachshunds as well as “Almost Wiener Dogs,” with proceeds benefiting Savannah’s Waterfront. Apart from the fastest time in all categories and weights, additional prizes will be awarded to the best dressed dog, best dressed dog owner and more.

There is a $25 entry fee per dog. To complete the official entry form, please visit https://savannahswaterfront.com/event/savannah-wiener-dog-races/.

Race Details

  • Registration/check-in opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 10:45 a.m. or once 20 heats are filled.

  • Assignments will be posted when a weight category is filled. Dogs will be grouped by weight.

  • The winner of each heat will compete in a final race for the grand prize!

  • Judges determine the winner of each race. The ruling of the judges is final.

  • Official timers and judges will record the time of the winning dog in each heat.

  • Dachshund-mix dogs may race in a special “Almost Wiener” heat, but they are ineligible for the grand prize trophy run.

Participation Rules

  • All owners must submit a current rabies vaccination record for their dogs.

  • All racing dogs must be accompanied by 2 people: Owner and assistant to be of service to the dog at the starting gate and finish line. Owners may coax runners with toys, chews or verbal cues. No dog whistles, balloons or breakable items are allowed.

  • Dogs must be on leash at all times except while racing. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog. Relief areas will be available with plastic bags, should you forget to bring your own. Water will be available for dogs.

  • All owners must sign a media release, as well as a consent waiver releasing all organizing parties and others from all liabilities associated with canines interacting with other canines and people. Savannah’s Waterfront and Plant Riverside District are not responsible for any injuries, human or canine, emotional or physical. Please consider the demeanor of your dog before deciding to participate in the races. If your dog is not friendly toward kids or other dogs, please do not participate in this event. We want happy hounds and humans!

  • Owners will be responsible for bringing participants to the staging area when their heat is called.

  • Owners and assistants are not permitted on the race course except when announced for their individual race.

  • All participating dachshunds must be registered and/or checked in before 10:45 a.m. on race day.

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